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Carrara is one of the most important marble reality in the world.
The ancient craftsmanship experience become developed year after year and transformed Carrara in the focal industrial district where all the type of marble, granite and stones can be found and processed.
All the machineries for the marble transformation are studied and made here.
MLM is representative of this reality.
We buy the materials directly in the country of origin, stock them and process the on demand
For MLM the continuous research of new materials is a must and gave us the opportunity to obtain the distribution of the most exclusive materials in the world.
Since 1997 MLM obtained the concession of quarries of rare and antique stones in the French side of Pirenei.
MLM has over one thousand project managers who testify our professional skill world wide.


We have the sole agency of many variety of rare marble, stones, granite, onix and semiprecious materials.
We execute hand made works and computerized ones :
Floors, wall panels, stairs, fireplaces (reproducing our own property classical model or on client order);
turned solid stone fabrication ( basins, fountains, columns…..);
shaped solid stone fabrication ( banisters, handrails, dado-rails….);
LIG.H.T. PANEL ( Ligeri High Technologies Panel): ultra light natural marble reinforced with Kevlar, carbon fibre or glass fibre;
Architectural and artistic sculptures;
Home decor and home furnishing.


On spot investigation, surveying, metric calculation;
Cutting sheet and shop drawings;
Installation, recovery and restoration;
Ornamental stone project managing world wide.


Due to a complete and flexible net of modern machinery, MLM can build up every type of orders from the large building facing to the kitchen tops in short time.
We can produce every kind of finishing, assuring the client punctual deliveries, the total control on each phase of the transformation, maintaining a standard quality production during the entire project phase and the guaranty of economical advantage.
MLM production has a medium-fine and a fine target.
Over the 60% of our production is for the foreign market.
MLM exports mostly in Japan, USA, UK, Germany, that are really the most selective markets.
MLM is associated with a group of companies with complementary activity, grouped in co-operative that guaranty punctuality and high standard.


The marble works we realized all over the world prove the trust our clients gave us during the years of activity and hard work when our managers and craftsmen worked having as first goal the quality of the product and the service.
We built up our company following production schemes that brought us to be competitive compared to our direct competitors.
What follows is the Decalogue of MLM.

1• A range of over 400 varieties of ornamental stones selected and directly bought without any commercial agents.
2•Exclusive collection of 15 rare and antique stones.
3•Over 50 types of marble available in our stock in different thickness and finishing ( rough, polished, honed, sand-blasted, flamed, bush-hammered, scraped, treated with acids, antique…..)
4•Short delivery time compared to the normal offer in the branch.
5•High specialised staff both in traditional handcraft works and computerized one.
6•Complete and up to date machinery for the traditional finishing.
7•A complete service and flexibility for every type of project.
8•Computerized technology even for small orders (ultra-light panels) and research of innovative solutions.
9 •Excellent combination between quality and price
10•A good net for selling, installation and assistance in Italy and abroad.

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